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The Capital- Readers Choice Winner 2011


The Phillips couple may be technically retired, but their decorating style is anything but tired. Standing in their two-story condo, one of the Tecumseh Condominiums in Eastport, Mary-Beth Phillips said, "We decided we didn't want anything traditional." Living Large on a Small Scale- Annapolis Home Magazine

And, it's not. This Sunday, their condo will be among nine residences featured on the annual Eastport Home & Garden Tour. From the street, the 1968 structure is a non-descript brick building. Step inside the lobby and what appears to be a large mural of a waterfront scene is actually a real scene seen through wide, floor-to-ceiling windows.

The building, from the air, is C-shaped. Its two wings each reach out over the water. Sheltered beneath the wings is a line of piers. A series of motor boats, small yachts and inflatable dinghies are moored at the berths. The allure of more views of Spa Creek and Annapolis Harbor from a higher vantage point is a good lure to hustle upstairs in the building's small elevator. Read the entire story.

The Capital- Readers Choice Winner 2011

Living Large on a Small Scale- Annapolis Home Magazine
Mary-Beth and Bruce Phillips dreamed of simplifying their lives and leaving it all behind. Unlike most of us, they turned this fantasy into reality. They sold everything, including their seven-bedroom Victorian home in Westfield, New Jersey, and moved into a 1,400 square foot, two-bedroom condo overlooking Annapolis Harbor. “We sold all of our antiques, furniture, and treasures gathered over our lifetime and moved to Annapolis with only our two chairs and our crystal,” says Mary-Beth.

The two-story loft condominium was just right  for downsizing. However, its floor plan was slightly outdated, with the feel of the 1960s, and in need of revival.

With an eye for design and a charismatic energy, Mary-Beth, a floral designer by trade, dove into the project. For help, she turned to a team of professionals: Cathy Purple Cherry, Principal of Purple Cherry Architects, Katalin Farnady of Farnady Interiors, and Andy Apter of Apter Remodeling/Craftsman. Purple Cherry felt limited by the width of the condominium. The height of the two-story loft and the original, outdated winding staircase made the space uncomfortable. Her solution was to enclose the loft and redesign the staircase, creating an even flow of open space downstairs and maximizing the condominium's overall floor area. Read the entire story.

The Capital- Readers Choice Winner 2011

'Aging in Place' Features for the Home Gain
Higher Profile as Baby Boomers Get Older

The difference between enjoying your Golden Years at home or spending
them "in a home" may be as simple as doing a little planning with a savvy builder/remodeler while you are agile and in good health.

The Washington Post recently featured a house we built that will allow
Edgewater residents Tom & Susie McSweeny to age in place in a home
they love, right on the Chesapeake Bay and let us remodel your home so
you can be confident that the home you enjoy later in life will be the one
you know and love now. 
Read the entire story.

What's Up Annapolis Magazine
Best of Annapolis 2013 Winner

"Best Remodeler in Annapolis, Maryland"
Remodeling Design & Custom Building Services

Awards Dinner will be held at the Loews Hotel
on June 19, 2013 in Annapolis, Maryland

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