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Client Testimonials: Hear what our clients our saying about us

Apter Wins Gold!
"In the lingo of the Olympics, team Apter won another gold medal this morning, and John gets an individual gold. He set the time record for figuring out the mystery leak over our back kitchen area, and like modern remote surgery...no need to cut into the patient and instant cure. The problem seems to be none of the things that all the rest of us had hypothesized. I noticed that John was listening carefully to the symptoms of the problem which I described. For instance, it only seemed to occur with standing snow or wind-driven rain, and hearing that heavy winds often drive against that angle, he started at the top (not thinking from the bottom like the rest of us). Lo and behold, some of the nails holding the flashing to the shingles were loose and/or the the tar had come off or was no longer watertight. One was especially bad, and if you drew a line straight down from where that water from that worst nail would run, it is precisely where the water was seeping. Most snows blow a little pile against the house, and then get the warm sun and melt. Also, the heaviest rains are often accompanied by strong wind from that direction....again, focusing precisely at the nail holes in that flashing.

As John said, there is never absolute certainty about leaks, but the logic of this is hard to beat. So, he pulled all the nails and re-tarred, and then walked around to check the flashing of all other accessible areas of the roof. So, kudos & thanks to John and Team Apter. "  
- Fred Hunt - Edgewater, MD -
Testimonials from our clients at Apter Remodeling / Craftsman
" I just wanted to extend my thanks for the great job you did for Tom and Susie McSweeny. Cindi Stone in our construction department just raved about what a wonderful job you did and how professional you were. Sandy Spring will be happy to work with you on any future projects, please have your clients call me for any help they may need with financing their construction loans. I have to tell you that Cindi does not rave about many builders, so we appreciate your efficiency and professionalism, and we will do our best to help any new construction clients through the process. Have a great summer! "  
- Hayley Becraft - Annapolis, MD -

" I spoke with a new customer today and I think she will be signing up shortly. I had
her comfortable and then when I told her I started as a Hinkley carpenter and see everything, she answered Enough said. Anytime you need someone to call, don't hesitate."  
- Peter Howard - Salesman, Hinkley Boats -

"When I was recently at party I heard someone mention remodeling they were thinking about having done. Upon hearing this, I walked to the other side of the room and recommended Apter Remodeling"  
- Fred Hunt - Edgewater MD -

"Of course I'm going to call you when I  remodel my kitchen, Who else would I call?"   

- Diane Nicholson - Annapolis MD -

"When getting bids for our remodeling the most impressive thing about Apter Remodeling
Craftsman was their skill at listening"
- Bob and Susan Trice - Annapolis MD

"The ultimate evaluation of a contractor is, "would you recommend them to a friend or
use them again?" We strongly recommend Apter and we did use them again"
- Susan Trice - Annapolis MD -

"The thing I knew about hiring you was I knew that we would be friends after the
completion of my project"
- Juliet Burch - Annapolis MD -

"Andy, Joye and I would like to thank you for the exceptional skills that you and your
craftsmen brought to our home. Throughout the project it was the imagination of you
and your colleagues that ultimately gave us the home we could not have imagined at
the projects start.  The craftsmanship was impeccable. Every member of your group is
a professional and we both feel it could not have gone better. Plus it was a lot of fun."
- Dr. Michael Flemming - Annapolis, MD -

“How delightful it was to have all the people that built our home gather in our home to celebrate”...
“In our opinion, you have created a team of competent, professional and caring craftsmen that
help you attain your goal of excellence, and you will always be a part of Red Cedar.  Again, thanks
for your wonderful suggestions of changes throughout the house. They were all right on the mark!
Please know that you are welcome in our home anytime.”
- Joye & Michael Fleming - Annapolis, MD -

"We have been truly living well here in this new establishment. Whenever Til or I catch a short time
in any particular corner of the house, we marvel at the design and especially at the craftsmanship
in getting it all together. It is a grand house and a grand home to live in…” 
- Jinx & Til Hazel - Broad Run, Virginia -

I recently learned that you are considering Andy Apter and Apter Remodeling/Craftsman for
finish work in a contemplated project. I hastened to offer this enthusiastic endorsement on
his behalf. As you know, I believe from a personal visit, we are completing a rather unique
home, the excellence of which is largely dependent upon millwork and finish carpentry. We
were working on a very tight construction schedule and I am pleased to say unequivocally
that Andy and his carpentry team were instrumental in the completion of my house on
schedule and with unexcelled quality. His team is experienced, caring, innovative and
dedicated to outstanding work. I urge that he be retained if high quality work, on schedule,
is your goal. Whatever additional cost may be involved is clearly recaptured in performance
and dependability. It is a pleasure to offer this endorsement. 
- John T. Hazel Jr. - Annapolis, MD -

"Apter Remodeling is now on our preferred contractor list.” 
-Anonymous Architect - Annapolis, MD -

"Definitely, Andy! I meant to tell you that you may certainly use us as a 2-time reference.
Paul didn't recall seeing the cloths … I've got a note for myself to look tonight and get back
to you. We're not trying to keep one extra thing in that garage! All the best to you and your
family as well. Stay busy! " 
-Jean Talbott - Calverton, MD -

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